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Imagine smart system controlled in an interactive 3D model of your space.

Group 6631

All you need is our multi-task platform!

All vendors controlled
within one platform

Many vendors synchronized in one place
Intuitive and user-friendly 3D interface
Secure and easy access to device data
Visual presentation of device activity and settings

All information stored
in one data container

Real mapping of devices in space
Collect all data about devices, equipment, finishing materials, gadgets in one place
Adding photos, videos, and documents
Multiple categories for intuitive management

All tasks and issues
resolved with one tool

Schedule and manage facility maintenance items
Real-time facility inspection in full 3D
Build your individual timeline activity graphs
Link to your favorite news and widgets
Report issues with task manager


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How to start

Learn the shortest way to get scans and use SIM-ON

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Check demonstration projects

Test innovative spatial interface in showcase mode

Subscription plans

Choose the plan that suits you best


Private use only


1 property

4 users

10 IoT devices / property
100 MB cloud space / property
5 scenes / property

0,00 EUR/USD

most popular


Private use only


1 property

4 users

50 IoT devices / property
300 MB cloud space / property
Unlimited scenes / property

10,00 EUR/USD



Private use only


3 properties

6 users

Unlimited IoT devices / property
1000 MB cloud space / property
Unlimited scenes / property

25,00 EUR/USD



Private & Commercial


Custom properties

Custom users

Unlimited IoT devices / property
Unlimited cloud space / property
Unlimited scenes / property



A few words from SIM-ON commercial users

Demo house,

FIBARO is a global brand operating in the IoT industry. As of 2018, the company is part of the Italian Nice Group. Its products are available in more than 100 markets around the world.

Thanks to full integration with FIBARO environment, virtual showroom in the SIM-ON platform allows us to showcase the most important devices in our portfolio. With spatial interface for remote IoT control, we can easily show the operation of our hardware, and the assets give our customers a full view of the product characteristics. 

Szymon Ochociński,
Project Sales Director,

MISAWA Demonstration house, Japan

Misawa Homes – Its operations include house and IoT sales, land utilization, leasing management, and facilities development.

We integrated SIM-ON with our demonstration model house. It is presented as a smart homeowner dashboard, providing 3D visualization for clients and offer-related data, including product catalogs, warranties, and maintenance-related information.

Masashi Isogai,
President and CEO,
Misawa Homes

Legal office
in Gliwice,

The legal firm, operating since 2014, offers a wide range of services in various fields of law for individual and business clients. As of 2019, KDW is based in a 125 m² office in a historic building in the center of Gliwice city.

Integration of the platform with a complex smart system based on FIBARO environment is a real innovation. Additionally, we proceed with a full spectrum of assets management related to devices and interior design. 

Karolina Drwięga Waliczek,
Advocate, CEO,
KDW Legal Office

Facility, Poland

EMT Systems – Engineering Training Center specializes in providing training for engineers in the area of mechatronics and broadly defined engineering techniques.

Thanks to assets management within SIM-ON platform, we proceed with an inventory of desktop hardware and improved maintenance of the automation training facility.

Grzegorz Wszołek,
EMT – Systems

IoTech at
L+B 2022, Germany

The worldwide standard for intelligent building control systems, including all types of facilities. KNX IoTech has partnered with the major manufacturing companies in home and building automation products to define the future of the IoT devices to be used in the smart home and building of tomorrow.


At one of the largest building automation fairs, SIM-ON was used as the official inteface to control the KNX IoTech showroom exhibit, serving as a showcase for the new direction of the KNX standard.


Casto Cañavate,
Marketing Manager,

ECHO Investment Demo apartment, Poland

ECHO Investment is one of the largest housing developers in Poland, building thousands of housing units annually that include loT devices as standard fixtures.

SIMLAB provided implementation of the platform in our demo flat. We also use it as white-label software for smart system control for apartments in new investments.

Kazimierz Monk,
CSR and CSV Manager,
ECHO Investment

Future goals

Upcoming features enhancement to empower SIM-ON

Control movement of people, pets and things inside the property

Matching 3D product models from online stores to the apartment digital twin

Control and view information about devices with smartphone camera

Implementation of variuos standards, i.e. Matter, providing compatibility of the whole smart home system 

Exchange database of identified assets of facility equipment with other management software

Protection of the content with offline solution within intranet

Future goals

Upcoming features enhancement to empower SIM-ON


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